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Snoh Aalegra Addresses Debate Over Her Ethnicity

Singer/songwriter Snoh Aalegra appears to be tired of social media users constantly questioning her ethnic background. The Temporary Highs in the Violet Skies album creator took to Twitter to address the situation.

“I’m just seeing the usual bi-weekly debate on Twitter about my ethnicity. My heritage and bloodline is not a philosophical topic. I have hard facts for you all,” tweeted Snoh Aalegra on July 19.

The No I.D. protégé added, “I am 100% IRANIAN, I am a part of the population from south of Iran where people have darker complexion. I was born and raised in Sweden as a second-generation immigrant. I have zero Swedish blood but I do consider myself Swedish since that is the country I grew up in.”

Snoh Aalegra was born in Sweden to Persian parents. She was raised in the Swedish cities of Enköping and Stockholm. The R&B vocalist, now based in Los Angeles, was signed to her first label deal at the age of 14 before later joining the ARTium Records roster.

“[In Sweden] it’s ingrained in our minds from an early age that you’re not allowed to compete and think you’re better than anyone. At least, you’re not allowed to verbalize it,” Snoh Aalegra explained to back in 2014.

The “Bad Things” performer continued, “So that was a thing that really hit me in the face when I came to the States where everybody has this different attitude like ‘I’m the s###.’ They really show it. I walk in a room kind of reserved, and people are like, ‘What’s wrong with you? Why aren’t you owning it?’ Swedish people are reserved and maybe more humble than people over here in the States.”

Source :. AllHipHop



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