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Here's How Much Drake's Flashy Diamond Engagement-Ring Necklace Is Worth

Drake's hotline isn't the only thing with bling! The "Rich Flex" rapper recently purchased a diamond necklace made out of 42 engagement rings.

No, really. The 351.38 carat piece of jewelry made with the help of jeweler Alex Moss New York is called "Previous Engagements," which Drake is using to remember the 42 times he thought about proposing to a woman, but didn't.

Diamond expert Zack Stone of jeweler Steven Stone in the UK weighed in on the "God's Plan" rapper's very, very sparkly purchase and believes it's worth a staggering $12.5 million.

He said it's "difficult to estimate a striking piece like this, particularly without information about the quality, but it looks to be worth approximately $12.5 million," he told Page Six.

Stone went on to analyze the types of diamonds used in the icy piece of jewelry. "Central to the intricate piece is a pear-cut diamond. Pear-cut diamonds are a timeless, vintage cut that represent an emotional bond or connection — suggesting that the rapper is keen to pay homage to his failed relationships with the piece, rather than spite them," he said.

Relationships for Drake might not last forever, but music definitely does!



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