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DaBaby Explains Why He Only Gave Boys $4 For Candy: "I Ain't Cuss 'Em Out"

An interaction between DaBaby and boys selling candy has caused the rapper to receive the wrath of the internet. A couple of boys wanted to make some quick cash so they told DaBaby that they would sell him their boxes of candy for $200.

The rapper learned that the candy was going to $2 each and after doing a bit of math, the total came up to over one hundred bucks. However, in order to teach them a lesson, DaBaby instead only gave them $4.

The internet was swift with its backlash against the award-winning rapper and, in turn, DaBaby sat down with Complex News to explain why he opted to not give the boys more money.

It was suggested that DaBaby was trying to teach the boys a lesson about greed. "Absolutely, that's exactly what happened," said the Rap star. "Anytime I buy something from somebody else in there I buy the whole thing.

Especially when it's kids. I give them the opportunity, just make it make sense why you want $200 for this. You tell me, 'Man, I usually charge somebody this for the whole box. I'm just gon' charge you $2 all the way down.' I'da looked at him, gave him a thousand dollars."

Although he may not have handed over the money they wanted, DaBaby said he respected their hustle. "I ain't cuss 'em out and this and that," he said.

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