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21 Savage Reveals Benefits Of Owning His Masters

In order to achieve longevity, artists must become increasingly savvy about the music business. Though it wasn't entirely uncommon to see entire careers derailed by one-sided contracts, many have done their due diligence and shored up on the ins and outs.

Now, we're looking at a growing number of rappers who retain ownership of their masters, one of their most valuable assets as a creative. 21 Savage understands as much, and he broke down some of the benefits during a recent sit-down with Gillie Da Kid and Wallo on a new episode of Million Dollaz Worth Of Game.

Around the half-hour mark, 21 Savage is asked whether or not he would have stayed independent were he given a chance to go back and meddle with time. "I signed late though," muses 21, noting that his cousin Young Nudy did the same. "I already had plaques and shit. I had a platinum album before I signed my deal. I own my masters right now. Every song I ever heard. I got a 70/30 split with my label -- I get 70, they get 30. I own all my masters."

"My deal ain't no deal where I'm like damn, I wish I was independent," he continues. "I make more money off my album sales than I do off touring. A lot of rappers, most of their money comes from touring. I make more money off my music and album sales." Nudy reveals that he also owns his own masters, a testament to their early understanding of the game.

"We learned from all the OGs who fucked up," explains Savage. "My whole crew, we just saw interviews watching n***as speak on how they can't get their music in this movie cause somebody else owns it. Or watching n***as jump the gun and sign a deal for two-hundred-thousand cause they ain't have enough leverage.

So I waited until I had enough leverage to go in and say 'I want this much money for this album, I'm giving you this much, and I'm keeping this much."

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